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NEW 2021: Holiday Gift Search Experience 90 minutes $900 ($200 OFF if booked by Dec 1st 2021)

During the holiday season we offer private memorable Christmas experiences' consisting of elves sent by Santa to your home. While the children are hidden away for about 25 minutes, we elves hide items throughout your home. When the children return, we offer them clues to find the gifts. After each gift is found they must answer a Christmas trivia question to unwrap the gift and receive another clue to find the next. Sometimes this may require singing a Christmas song with us. Once the search has completed, we have a special visit from Santa. He speaks to the children and magically knows names, grades, hobbies, gift requests etc. of each child.  He and the elves will sing Christmas Carrols with them and read a bedtime story.  About 20 small gifts are provided as well as unlimited items you may choose to provide for us to hide.