OC Foodie Tour

About the creator of the OC Foodie Tour

Sandy Gillis

I have been a resident and business owner in Ocean City since 1985. As a young entrepreneur, I started my first business, "Creative Day Spa" in Ocean City at the tender age of 18 years. It is currently the longest existing full-service day spa in town. I opened a second location in the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort in 2012. I have lived in OC for nearly 50 years.

While visiting other Cities and Tourist destinations one of the very first things that my husband and I look for is a food & history tour. It's the best way to get a "backstage view" of the area's restaurant and bar scene from a local's perspective. Every time we would go, I would say, "Why is no one doing this in Ocean City?" Then I realized.... I needed to do this! It is what I have been doing for my salon/spa guests for nearly 40 years. I tell them where to go to eat and drink and what to order when they get there, where the best happy hours are, live music, water sports etc.

In Spring of 2018 I created the OC Foodie Tour. The tours are about sharing my love for Ocean City and a few of my favorite places, dishes, things to do & see along with fun facts about this coastal gem of a town and the families who settled here.

I started the "Midtown Dining District" tour because it is in my neighborhood. I chose a few of my favorite "foodie-hood" places where I share a unique perspective and I have personally selected my favorite courses to taste at each location. On some occasions you may get to meet the owners and creators of these delectable dishes and popular intimate dining establishments which they began and learn what inspired them. The Downtown/Boardwalk tour was created days later. On this tour I share the historical side of Ocean City and take guests to the birthplace of our town's humble beginnings. Many new tours have been developed since. In spring of 2019 the Bay Hopping Foodie Tour was launched and in fall of 2019 we launched the Chauffeured Vineyard Foodie Tour and the Historic Berlin Tour. In 2021 we added the "Heart of Salisbury foodie tour". In 2022 I became a licensed real estate agent which gives me another avenue to share my passion of the area.

I have since sold both of my salon/spas to former employees. Now I exclusively offer foodie tours.

In addition to being and entrepreneur and businesswoman... I have been an actress in local theater, a radio DJ, an Auctioneer, a standup comic, a wife, mother and now... a tour guide. The "OC Foodie Tour" combines the culinary, visual and performing arts of our town. I am a lover of the arts as well as a past board member on the Ocean City Center for the Arts.

I have created this "Informative culinary Journey" for your enjoyment. My goal is to help you feed your soul, create memories, and fall in love with Maryland the way I have.


Sandy Gillis